File for Homestead in Florida the smart way

Filing for Homestead in Florida is very important and can be confusing even for seasoned home buyers. The Homestead Filing Packet makes it simple with step by step instructions customized to your specific property and homestead history. It will ensure that you file correctly and get all of the tax savings available to you.

Homestead Filing Packet - $35.00

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Included are the following resources:
  • A task list of what you need to do to file for Homestead including important filing deadlines.
  • Provides access to our Exemption Checker which allows you to check what exemptions you are eligible for (there are over 2 dozen).
  • Provides you with all of the forms you will need to file for Homestead and Portability
  • Instructs you on the important things to check on your first year property tax valuation when it comes out.
  • Instructs you on what you need to follow up on annually
  • Gives you access to our Property Tax Counseling Center.

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